Inspiring Leadership

Mr. Regis Pecos, Co-Director of the Leadership Institute at the Santa Fe Indian School, presents at the Community Institute on Community Recovery on the significance of Pueblo Indian communities’ response to the pandemic. Image courtesy of the Leadership Institute.

Enabling diverse leaders to serve their communities, inspire collaboration, and create new knowledge.

The Henry Luce Foundation is committed to nurturing leaders across a wide range of fields. The best way to solve complex challenges is to prepare and support people with richly varied experiences, talents, and passions. We provide opportunities for professional development, mentorship, networking, independent research, and experiential growth as these future leaders work to establish themselves in their fields and within their communities. 

With the exception of the Luce Scholars Program, we do not award grants directly to individuals; however, many of the projects we fund include dedicated support for leaders. 

  • American Art – In addition to partnering with the American Council of Learned Societies to offer dissertation fellowships to scholars of American Art, the Luce Foundation funds curatorial fellowships at art institutions across the country. 

  • Asia – We provide support for early-career scholars in China studies as well as for leaders in civil society, cultural organizations, and public policy. 

  • Clare Boothe Luce Program – The CBL program is dedicated to growing participation of women in STEM, and 100% of its grants fund undergraduate awards, graduate fellowships, and professorships for promising women scientists. 

  • Indigenous Knowledge – We invest in knowledge keepers who are committed to preserving and perpetuating their nations’ cultures for the benefit of their communities. 

  • Luce Scholars - We seek to forge stronger relationships across geographic borders by offering early-career leaders immersive, professional experiences in Asia where they can deepen their ties and understanding of the region’s countries, cultures, and people.

Legacy of Leadership

The Foundation has supported individual leaders for many decades. As needs and opportunities change, the Foundation creates new fellowship programs and brings others to conclusion. We are proud of all of the programs and individuals who contributed to their fields and to the world with Luce support.

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