Response to COVID-19

The Luce Foundation is committed to supporting our partners and the communities that they serve.

The Foundation’s Board has authorized the President to approve the reallocation of grant monies in cases in which grant recipients experience serious adverse effects as a result of the pandemic. In addition, the Board has authorized the awarding of up to $5 million in new urgent-needs grants in support of long-time partners, or communities and sectors, that are suffering from the pandemic or efforts to control it. Such grants—up to $250,000 each—will be awarded on an as-needed basis, outside of the regular grants calendar.

In April, the Foundation awarded 23 emergency grants totalling $3.1 million. Read the announcement.

In May, the Foundation awarded $1.8 million in additional emergency grants. Read the announcement.

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Guidance for Current Grantees and Applicants

We’ve tried to address some of the questions we’ve received from those working on Luce-funded projects. Advice will be updated as the situation evolves.

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We’ve also collected some resources that our grantees and partners may find useful.

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News Updates

Read about the work that we and our grantees are doing to understand the impact of COVID-19 and to support groups and individuals that are struggling due to the pandemic and the response to it.

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