Equity and Mutual Understanding

Center for the Study of Religion and the City (CSRC) Director Harold Morales with Plantation Park Heights Urban Farm team holding construction plans for forthcoming outdoor kitchen. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the CSRC at Morgan State University.

Investing in people and organizations around the globe who advance equity, inclusion, and trust within and among communities.  

We believe that democracy, innovation, and mutual understanding cannot thrive where there is inequality, injustice, disinformation, or disenfranchisement. Therefore, the Luce Foundation seeks to amplify diverse perspectives and to ensure that those affected by policy and practice have the resources and platforms to shape them. Across our grantmaking, we support collaborative, community-engaged research and community-led solutions to the complex challenges that have created deep divisions and inequities in our society. We seek out projects that foster appreciation for difference, lift up underrepresented voices, and expand our collective capacity to envision and build more just, equitable, and inclusive societies. 

These convictions are present in the work of all our programs, the following areas and initiatives in particular: 

  • Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) – We are committed to improving public understanding of the complex and diverse experiences of AAPI communities by investing in AAPI voices and opportunities for building cross-racial solidarity. 

  • Clare Boothe Luce Program – We work to close the gender gap in STEM disciplines and across leadership roles in higher education. 

  • Indigenous Knowledge – We support knowledge keepers who preserve and perpetuate their nations’ cultures, amplify their work, and invest in the cultural, intellectual, and policy systems that are critical to the resilience and vitality of Indian Country. 

  • Museum Partners for Social Justice – This American Art Program effort supports art museums that are exploring, developing, and disseminating models for challenging established narratives and telling more inclusive stories.  

  • STEM Convergence – Building on the work of the Clare Boothe Luce Program for Women in STEM, this initiative encourages innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to broadening participation of women of color in STEM disciplines.  

  • Religion and Theology – We recognize that people experience religion in myriad ways and that religion and belief affect our understanding of race, democracy, migration, and other areas of public life. The Religion and Theology Program supports scholars and communities seeking to develop more nuanced understandings of religion and its public impacts. 

  • Democracy, Ethics, and Public Trust – This exploratory effort nurtures democratic and communal practices that foster shared purpose, resilience, trust, and a sense of belonging. In areas as diverse as civic engagement, racial justice, Indigenous sovereignty, journalism, labor, and climate change advocacy, the initiative seeks to repair the social and communal fabric that enables communal self-determination.