Art and Public Discourse

Dinh Q. Lê. “Detail of Crossing the Farther Shore, 2014.” Found photographs, thread, and linen tape. Seven parts, dimensions variable. Photo by Nash Baker.

Promoting the critical role of the arts and creative expression in a vibrant democracy.

Art enables us to recognize our shared humanity, to tell stories about ourselves and others, and to question the narratives that shape how we understand one another. It helps us engage with unfamiliar perspectives and points toward commonalities among cultures. We believe that storytelling can build appreciation for difference and help people find common ground. By funding visual art and creative storytelling, we strive to make these lessons and experiences accessible to as many people as possible.  

We fund opportunities for underrepresented voices to author, own, and share their stories, to illuminate what is unique about each community, and to underscore our common goals.

  • American Art – Through support for innovative museum projects, we advance the capacity of museums to serve as forums for critical dialogues that celebrate creativity, explore difference, and seek common ground. 

  • Asia – We support education projects such as exhibitions, podcasts, publications, and films that advance public understanding of Asian culture and perspectives and increase awareness of Asian American experiences. 

  • Democracy, Ethics, and Public Trust – We partner with organizations that expand our capacity to envision more just and equitable models of society. 

  • Religion and Theology – We support projects at the intersection of the arts and religion or spirituality.