Students Research Variety of Environmental Issues on Clinic Trip to Japan

Sept. 15, 2019
Students Research Variety of Environmental Issues on Clinic Trip to Japan
In May 2019, seventeen students and five faculty went to Japan to learn about environmental issues and visit cultural sites, like the Imperial Palace (photo above). Photo Credit: EnviroLab Asia

As part of EnviroLab Asia—a cross-disciplinary class and clinic trip for undergraduates at the Claremont Colleges that focuses on environmental issues in Asia—students and faculty traveled to Japan to conduct field work and visit cultural sites. The group of 17 students was divided into four faculty-led labs, each of which tackled a different research topic.

The multidimensional experience allowed students to approach problems from many perspectives by learning, not only from professors with expertise in multiple fields, but from peers with diverse backgrounds and collaborators in Asia as well.

The following videos showcase some of the work they conducted while visiting Japan.

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