Henry Luce Foundation Announces New Advisory Council on Gender Equity in STEM

Feb. 15, 2023
Henry Luce Foundation Announces New Advisory Council on Gender Equity in STEM
Photo courtesy of St. Catherine University.

The Henry Luce Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of a new advisory council on gender equity in STEM. Over the next six months, this group will advise the Foundation’s leadership team on how to best focus its resources to address current obstacles in recruiting, graduating, and hiring more women in the sciences, and preparing them for leadership roles in the academy and industry. Specifically, the council will review and evaluate grantmaking strategies to achieve lasting change.

Members include:

  • Jennifer Balakrishnan, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Boston University and current Clare Boothe Luce Professor;
  • Gilda Barabino, President of the Franklin Olin College of Engineering;
  • Ashley Bear, Director of the Committee on Women in Science, Engineering and Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences;
  • Joanne Berger-Sweeney, President of Trinity College and current Clare Boothe Luce Program Selection Committee member;
  • Kathy DeerInWater, Chief Program Officer for the American Indian Science and Engineering Society;
  • Patrice Moss, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Trinity Washington University and former Clare Boothe Luce Professor; and
  • Joan Williams, Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and UC Law SF Foundation Chair and Director of the Center for WorkLife Law.

The advisory council will be hosted by Program Director for Leadership Aida Gureghian and Program Manager Sarah DeMartazzi. Kimberly Scott, a senior equity strategist and presidential scholar in residence at the Foundation, will assist Gureghian and DeMartazzi with this work.

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