Announcing the Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies' 2019 Grant Recipients

The Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies has awarded grants to thirty-six scholars who will research and write about China’s religions, economic systems, histories, art, cinema, environment, and technologies.

Academic work is supported through three award categories: Predissertation-Summer Travel Grants for PhD students traveling to China as preparation for dissertation research; Postdoctoral Fellowships for early-career scholars; and Collaborative Reading-Workshop Grants for teams of multidisciplinary scholars examining Chinese texts.

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Predissertation-Summer Travel Grantees

Doctoral Student, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
Columbia University
In Search of the Commune: China's Cultural Experiments for a New Society (1947 to 1962)
Doctoral Student, Comparative Literature
Cornell University
Invoking Blackness: Racial Comparison in “Afro-China” Encounters
Doctoral Student, Art History
University of Pittsburgh
Nostalgia for the Future: Contemporary Chinese Video Art
Doctoral Student, History
University of Chicago
Wheels and Sweat: Bicycles, Wheelbarrows, and Horse-Drawn Carts in the Everyday Life of Socialist China, 1949 to 1976
Doctoral Student, Sociology
Johns Hopkins University
Seeing like the States: Chinese Rural Reform from Above and Below
Doctoral Student, History (East Asian & Central European)
New York University
Post-Habsburg Central European Diasporas in China 1915 to 1931
Doctoral Candidate, Early China
University of Pennsylvania
Theories of Human Nature (Xing) in Early China (5th c. BCE–2nd c. CE) and Their Implications
Doctoral Candidate, History
University of Pennsylvania
Popular Entertainment in Countryside China: Rural Daily Life and the Cultural Revolution
Doctoral Student, Cinema Studies
New York University
Unexpected Itineraries: Affective Encounters of Indian Cinema and China
Doctoral Student, History
Northwestern University
The Vietnamese Revolutionary Underground: Vietnamese Revolutionary Networks in South China c. 1900 to 1940
Doctoral Student, History
University of California, Irvine
Under a Westward Shadow: Gansu in the Reform Era
Doctoral Student, History
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Creating a Religious Diaspora: Travelling Clergy Across Chinese Worlds in the Twentieth Century
Doctoral Student, History
University of Chicago
Negotiating Extraterritoriality at the Southwestern Frontier: Grassroots Strategies and Colonial Knowledge in Late Qing China (1860 to 1911)
Doctoral Student, Anthropology
University of California, San Diego
Landscape Management and Subsistence Strategies of the Proto-Silk Road
Doctoral Student, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Columbia University
Omens of a Revolution: Making Paranormal Knowledge and Bodies in Post-Mao China
Doctoral Student, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Columbia University
Revolution on Air: Radio Technology and Socialist Culture in China’s Global Engagement
Doctoral Student, Chinese Film
University of California, Berkeley
Technological Futures: Animated Films and Science Education in China, 1949 to 1964
Doctoral Student, Premodern Chinese Literature
Columbia University
Inscribing the “Airs” of Suzhou: Vernacular Soundscape, Local Knowledge, and Cultural Hybridity in Early Modern China, 1450 to 1650
Doctoral Student, Sociology
University of Pennsylvania
Beyond NGO Activism: Youth Radicalism and New Forms of Civic Engagement in China

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Assistant Professor, History
Bates College
Stolen Land, Broken Bodies: Law, Environment, and Violence in Northwest China
Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies
Brown University
The Culture of Expertise in Eighteenth Century Qing China: The Imperial Porcelain Industry
Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures, and Religious Studies
University of Oregon
Water Control and Political Culture in Early Imperial China
Assistant Professor, History
Temple University
Unbounded Fields: Agricultural Science at the End of the Qing Empire
Assistant Professor, Sociology
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Capitalism Out of the Shadow: The Emergence and Transformation of China's Education and Training Industry
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art and Design History and Theory
Parsons School of Design
The Empire’s New Cloth: Western Textiles at the Eighteenth Century Qing Court
Teaching Fellow, Global Perspectives on Society
New York University Shanghai
Another Day of Work: Chinese Moneymaking in Postwar Angola
Assistant Professor, History
University of Mississippi
Opium and Capitalism on the Chinese Maritime Frontier
Assistant Professor, History
Michigan State University
Crafting Jade: The Construction of Objects and Empire in Eighteenth-Century China
Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies
State University of New York, College at Purchase
Sounding Screen Ambiance: Acoustic Culture and Transmediality in 1920s-1940s Chinese Cinema

Collaborative Reading-Workshop Grants

"How Can We Talk about the Ritual of Yin?" Warring States Perceptions of Shang Civilization in the Light of the Tsinghua Manuscripts

Assistant Professor, Asian Studies
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chinese Divination Traditions in Conversation: "Maheśvara’s Divination Explanations" (Moxishouluo bu) in Chinese and Transcultural Contexts

Associate Professor, Theology
Georgetown University
Assistant Professor, Global Studies
New York University Shanghai
Professor, Modern Languages & Literature
Lehigh University

Global Reception of the Classic Zhuangzi: Song to Ming

Postdoctoral Fellow, Religious Studies Program
Washington University in St. Louis

Revolutionary Routine: Grassroots Sources on Work, Family, and Private Life in Maoist China

Mellon Fellow, Columbia Society of Fellows in the Humanities
Columbia University
Doctoral Student, History
Columbia University

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