General operating support

Heard Museum

Award Date
March 19, 2024
Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Southwest Region
Special Projects

President Silver has recommended that the Foundation award two special project grants—to the Heard Museum and the Center for the Future of Arizona, which helped to make the Board's March 2024 visit to the Phoenix area a success. The Board approved grants of $50,000 each to the Gila River Indian Community and to Arizona State University, which were our primary institutional hosts in Phoenix. But the Heard and CFA also invested time and energy during what were very busy times for those organizations in order to assist the Luce Foundation. Specifically, the Heard welcomed Board members to the Best-in-Show event at its annual Indian Market and provided a private tour of the Museum. CFA's executive director joined the Board on the day of the organization's own board meeting to provide a briefing on politics and public opinion in Arizona. Therefore, President Silver has proposed that the Foundation award $25,000 each in general operating support to the Heard and to CFA.

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