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The Luce Foundation’s Theology Program encourages the development of religious leaders through theological education, and fosters scholarship that links the academy to religious communities and other audiences. Support has focused on accredited seminaries and divinity schools in the United States, institutions that prepare leaders for religious institutions and the broader society.

A key priority of the Theology Program is support for new models of theological education to prepare leaders for service in a religiously plural world. Grants have promoted a number of approaches, including seminars for faculty, field experience and internships for students, the development of new curricula, and visiting professorships. The emphasis is on engagement with and respect for the lived religion of others.

Other long-standing interests of the Theology Program include the relationships of religion and the arts, Asian religions, and world Christianity. The Theology Program occasionally provides support for other projects of religious scholarship as well, such as the collecting, editing, and publishing of the papers of Jonathan Edwards and Howard Thurman.

Program Director: to be announced shortly
Program Assistant: Ms. Elizabeth Brennan

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