Jessie Moravek

Jessie Moravek

Year: 2016-2017
Nominating Institution: Northwestern University
Field of Interest: Environment (Climate Change, Conservation, etc.)
Placement Organization: Wildlife Conservation Nepal
Placement Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

About Jessie

(updtead 6/2017) Jessie Moravek lives in  Kathmandu, Nepal and works for  Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN), a Nepali NGO that promotes sustainable ecosystem management and hands-on environmental education. Her work with WCN focuses on Parvati Kunda, a small high-altitude wetland located north of Kathmandu in the Rasuwa district of Nepal that is a critical source of drinking water for 3,000 people that live in a nearby village. Jessie’s research will establish a baseline dataset of water quality and wetland biodiversity, as well as to assess potential water management strategies. Jessie greatly values the opportunity to connect with Nepali people and cultures through her study of nature, and enjoys learning from her Nepali peers and colleagues every day. She also enjoys daily life in Kathmandu, where she bicycles to work and is learning to play the Sarangi, a traditional Nepali string instrument. Jessie graduated in June 2016 with a B.A. in Environmental Science and Biology from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. In college, she studied salmon conservation in Seattle, Washington, helped assess groundwater availability on a national forest in Utah, worked in a carbon laboratory at Northwestern to identify carbon sources that may contribute to climate change, and spent a semester studying salt marsh ecology at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. She served as a representative to the Environmental Science Student Advisory Board, wrote for the campus nature magazine  In Our Nature and advised younger environmental students.  She was also a member of the Northwestern University Marching Band and the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Jessie's Scholar Story

Feb. 6, 2019

Jessie's Story

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