BU School of Theology Awarded Henry Luce Foundation Grant

The Henry Luce Foundation is pleased to support the Educating Effective Chaplains Project at Boston University School of Theology, in partnership with Brandeis University, whose goal is to equip chaplains in all settings with the skills and scholarship needed to help people address today’s challenges.

Boston University School of Theology (BUSTH) and Brandeis University are pleased to announce that the Henry Luce Foundation has awarded a three-year $500,000 grant to support the Educating Effective Chaplains Project, which will focus on three elements critical for preparing professional chaplains for effective ministry. The project is led by the team of BUSTH Associate Professor of Theology Dr. Shelly Rambo, and Brandeis University Professor of Sociology and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, Dr. Wendy Cadge.

The three primary elements of the project are:

  • The synthesis of current scholarship and practitioner expertise about the nature of effective chaplaincy, in order to evaluate how theological schools can and should support development of successful chaplains,
  • The identification of specific skills required for chaplaincy, both universally and in specific fields, such as in the military, within healthcare, and at correctional facilities, and the analysis of how theological education currently supports the development of these competencies, and
  • Support for theological educators in strengthening their scholarship, curricula, and partnerships with clinical educators to better train future generations of chaplains.

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