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Theology Program Responsive Grants

The Foundation’s Theology program currently supports projects in two grant categories: responsive grants and the Luce Fund for Theological Education.

Letters of inquiry for responsive grants may be sent at any time. Inquiries should be no more than two pages, and should include: a description of the project, its goals and significance; anticipated participants; proposed timeframe; the project’s total budget and the amount requested from the Foundation; and other existing or potential sources of funding.

Letters of inquiry should show succinctly how the project emerges from serious interests and work already in progress. They should situate the work within a broader field, indicate how the project will advance that field, and display a commitment to ensuring the work’s long-term sustainability.

Inquiries should be addressed to Dr. Jonathan VanAntwerpen, and sent via email attachment to:

For information on thematic emphases, see the overview and brief history of the Theology program.

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