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The Henry R. Luce Professorship Program was established in 1968 to encourage academic experimentation and creativity. It was inspired by one of Mr. Luce's favorite concepts, which he called "the unity of truth," and designed to support the integration of knowledge through innovative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

The Luce chairs, which are funded for six to nine years, focus on the humanities and social sciences, and often draw upon insights from scientific discoveries. Luce Professors have included distinguished academics as well as public intellectuals and practitioners from outside the academy. Since its inception, the program has supported 71 professorships at 56 institutions.

In June 2003, the Luce Foundation’s Directors decided to make no further new grants for the Henry R. Luce Professorship Program.

Concluding a comprehensive review of the program, the Directors expressed pride in the accomplishments of the Luce Professors over more than three decades. The Directors also reaffirmed the Foundation’s commitment to all existing Luce Professorships.

In June 2005, the Foundation's Directors approved the Henry R. Luce Initiative on Religion and International Affairs, which has succeeded the Luce Professorship Program.

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