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Mount Holyoke CBL Assistant Professor of Computer Science Audrey Lee-St. John in her robotics lab with students.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Clare Boothe Luce Program make awards directly to individuals (i.e., students, faculty)?
No, the Clare Boothe Luce Program makes grants only to 4-year degree granting institutions, not directly to individuals. Please check with your college or University to see if they have a Clare Boothe Luce grant.

What fields are included within the Clare Boothe Luce Program?
Support is provided for women in the "hard" sciences, i.e., chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, and engineering. The medical sciences are not included.

Does the CBL program fund postdoctoral fellowships?
No. The Clare Boothe Luce program pilot tested postdoctoral fellowships several years ago, but currently has no plans to support postdoctoral fellowships. If that should change in the future, the CBL program webpage will be updated to reflect this.

Does a 4-year degree granting institution have to be top-ranked or an R-1 to apply for a Clare Boothe Program Luce grant?
No, the Clare Boothe Luce Program awards grants to a range of institutions that have demonstrated a strong commitment to support of women in STEM. Please see the Application Process page for detailed information on the Program’s application requirements.

Click here to download a brief summary of the Clare Boothe Luce program guidelines and recipient category information.

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MIT Graduate Fellow in Physics Jenny Schloss works with a laser used to manipulate atoms.