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Environment Grants


Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA—For The Susquehanna Initiative. A four-year grant of $450,000.

Carleton College, Northfield, MN—For The Integrative Spatial Modeling Project. A three-year grant of $300,000.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD—For The International Environmental Practicum. A three-year grant of $400,000.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA—For The Environmental Sciences to Solutions Initiative. A four-year grant of $450,000.

Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO—For The Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic. A four-year grant of $450,000.


Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY—For the project Learning Across the Borders. A three-year grant of $495,000.

Brown University, Providence, RI—For the project Land Use Change: Designing and Implementing New Global Environmental Curricula. A three-year grant of $550,000.

Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA—For the Policy-Maker Education Program on Human Health and the Environment. A two-year grant of $200,000.

Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago, IL—For the project Seeds of Success: Seed Banking the Midwestern Prairie. A three-year grant of $300,000.

Defenders of Wildlife, Washington, DC—For an assessment of the impact of wildlife trade and invasive species on human health. A one-time grant of $112,000.

National Religious Partnership for the Environment, Amherst, MA—To support the program Earth's Climate Embraces Us All. A two-year grant of $300,000.

Northland College, Ashland, WI—For the project Superior Connections. A three-year grant of $125,000.

The Pacific Institute, Oakland, CA—For a national assessment of the water resources of the United States. A three-year grant of $250,000.

Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY—For the project Ph.D. Program in Sustainability. A two-year grant of $465,000.


Center for Plant Conservation, St. Louis, MO—For an assessment of the viability and potential for restoration of endangered plants. A two-year grant of $150,000.

Columbia University, New York, NY—For Economic Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation. A three-year grant of $600,000.

Environmental Defense, New York, NY—To restore the California red-legged frog and demonstrate that private landowners can participate in species conservation. A one-time grant of $86,000.

Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO—To improve biodiversity conservation and management of protected areas in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. A four-year grant of $450,000.

Natural Resources Defense Council, New York, NY—For the Green Communities Initiative. A three-year grant of $300,000.

University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX—For a Portfolio Program in Sustainable Design and Development. A three-year grant of $400,000.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA—For the Environmental Management Program Keystone Projects. A three-year grant of $600,000.

Williams College, Williamstown, MA—For Curricular Initiative for Renewable Energy and Resource Sustainability. A five-year grant of $420,000.

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