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News Archives - Luce Scholars | 2014

  • The April 21st cover story of the New Republic, written by 2011-2012 Luce Scholar Chris Beam, is set to become a major motion picture. The article, "Year of the Pigskin," tells the story of fellow Luce Scholar Chris McLaurin (2012-2013) and the Chongqing Dockers, a fledgling American football team in Southwestern China that McLaurin coaches, and its unlikely journey from an amateur tackle club to the first American football league champion in China.

    McLaurin played linebacker and tight end for the Wolverines at the University of Michigan. After graduating with high honors in history, he worked and studied in Johannesburg, London, and Washington, DC before moving to Chongqing as a Luce Scholar. Placed at a state-owned investment firm, he found community and a unique venue for cultural immersion in American football. Placed at Caixin Media in Beijing as a Luce Scholar a year before McLaurin, Beam stayed in the country and eventually joined the New Republic as its China correspondent. He followed McLaurin and the Chongqing Dockers for a year in order to write the feature. A classic underdog story, it also provides an insightful glimpse into the cultural transformations taking place in modern China. Sony Pictures acquired the rights to the piece before it was published, and will film the adaptation on location in China.

  • Congratulations to the 2014-2015 class of Luce Scholars! After an intense three-month-long selection process, 17 candidates from 17 nominating institutions have been chosen from among 155 outstanding nominees. Click on the Scholars' names to learn more about their backgrounds, passions and talents, and stay tuned for news about their placements in Asia.

  •          2014-2015 Luce Scholars
    Scholar's Name

    Jacob Bogart

    Benjamin Chin

    Joshua Cole

    Matthew Cook

    Joshua Freedman

    Nicole Gunawansa

    Joël Hage

    Michelle Huang

    Cindy Lung

    Katherine McDaniel

    Kyle Niezgoda

    Andrew Peters

    Will Poff-Webster

    Kevin Schell

    Katherine Schuler

    Audrey Stienon

    Meaghan Tobin

    Nominating Institution

    Tulane University

    Rutgers University

    Boston University

    University of Notre Dame
    Stanford University

    Washington & Lee University
    University of North Carolina
    Cornell University

    Brown University

    Yale University

    Emory University

    Northwestern University
    Harvard University

    Rice University

    George Washington University
    Hunter College

    New York University

    Professional Interests

    Human Rights

    Drug Policy

    Global Health





    Labor Law

    Education Policy

    Global Health


    Medicine and Neurolinguistics
    Education Policy


    Wildlife Conservation

    Political Economy

    Agriculture and Trade
  • From writing a standardized national first aid curriculum in Laos to promoting the construction of bicycle lanes in Bangkok, from designing a rehabilitation device for a quadriplegic singer in Korea to teaching filmmaking classes to high school students in Indonesia, Luce Scholars’ placements allow them to get deeply involved in their new communities. But as they reflect on the first half of their Luce year in Asia, many Scholars agree that it’s the smaller, everyday moments that hold the biggest lessons. Click here to read the 2013-2014 Luce Scholars newsletter.

  • Current Luce Scholar Adam Lerner’s article, “The Skate Escape,” has been featured this week in the New York Times' regular section “India Ink - Notes from the World’s Largest Democracy.” The piece examines the rise of skateboarding culture in India, where three skateparks – the country’s first – have been constructed since 2008. Lerner pays particular attention to the divided nature of Bangalore’s skateboarding scene, with skateboarders “hailing from two of the city’s largest demographics — stressed young, educated professionals and street kids living in makeshift housing, either in slums or in tents.” Lerner received a B.A. in English from Cornell University in 2013. He is spending his Luce year in New Delhi, working for The Caravan, India’s only publication devoted to narrative journalism.

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