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News Archives - Luce Scholars | 2013

  • Current Luce Scholar Adam Lerner’s article, “The Skate Escape,” has been featured this week in the New York Times' regular section “India Ink - Notes from the World’s Largest Democracy.” The piece examines the rise of skateboarding culture in India, where three skateparks – the country’s first – have been constructed since 2008. Lerner pays particular attention to the divided nature of Bangalore’s skateboarding scene, with skateboarders “hailing from two of the city’s largest demographics — stressed young, educated professionals and street kids living in makeshift housing, either in slums or in tents.” Lerner received a B.A. in English from Cornell University in 2013. He is spending his Luce year in New Delhi, working for The Caravan, India’s only publication devoted to narrative journalism.

  • The 2014-2015 Luce Scholars competition has received 155 strong nominations from 75 participating institutions. The first round of interviews is taking place around the country in November and December, and 45 candidates will be selected as finalists. Final selection meetings will take place in San Francisco February 6-7, and in New York City February 11-14, 2014.

  • 1987-1988 Luce Scholar Edward C. Dumont has been appointed to the position of Solicitor General for the state of California. Dumont has previously served as the Assistant to the Solicitor General at the US Department of Justice, as an Associate Deputy Attorney General, and, most recently, as the vice chair of the Appelate and Supereme Court Litigation Practice Group for Wilmer Hale, LLP. He has argued 18 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. As a Luce Scholar, Dumont was placed with the Ukrit Mongkolnavin Law Office, in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • 1998-1999 Luce Scholar Joshua Kurlantzick’s new book, Democracy in Retreat: The Revolt of the Middle Class and the Worldwide Decline in Democracy, challenges the conventional wisdom that the world’s burgeoning middle class will make the spread of democracy inevitable. Kurlantzick, who spent his Luce year in Thailand reporting for the Bangkok Post and is now a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, finds striking evidence that democracy is in the midst of a global decline. A recent article in Foreign Policy lays out the basic contours of Kurlantzick’s argument. Kurlantzick is the author of two previous books, Charm Offensive: How China's Soft Power Is Transforming the World and The Ideal Man: The Tragedy of Jim Thompson and the American Way of War.

  • Congratulations to 2013-2014 Luce Scholars - the 40th Class since 1974 when the Luce Scholars Program was officially launched! After an intense three-month-long selection process, 18 candidates from 17 nominating institutions have been chosen from among 168 outstanding nominees. Click here to read more about their passions, accomplishments, and aspirations, and stay tuned for news about their placements in Asia.

  •          2013-2014 Luce Scholars
    Benjamin A. Bissell
    William F. Broderick
    Samantha G. Chadwick
    Martin A. Chorzempa
    Matthew P. Cortland
    Claire Duvallet
    Eryn R. Eby
    Genevieve E. Gebhart
    William D. Leimenstoll
    Adam B. Lerner
    Gene B. Merewether
    Megan Mills-Novoa
    Jeremy I. Pivor
    Henry L. Ross
    Aya Saed
    Tamara T. Shogaolu
    Nicholas J. Thompson
    Tarlise N. Townsend
    University of Virginia
    Oberlin College
    University of Illinois
    University of Minnesota
    Rutgers University
    Columbia University
    University of Puget Sound
    University of Washington
    University of North Carolina
    Cornell University
    Princeton University
    Lewis & Clark College
    Washington University in St. Louis
    University of North Carolina
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Southern California
    Emory University
    Indiana University

  • From helping migrant children in Bangkok to teaching dance in Taipei, from coaching Chongqing’s first and only American football team to rock climbing in Hanoi, from learning to say “high five” in Khmer to navigating Beijing bus routes in Mandarin, this year’s Luce Scholars report on their endeavors and adventures after half a year in host countries all across Asia. Click here to read the 2012-2013 Luce Scholars newsletter.

  • 2011-2012 Luce Scholar Héctor Salazar Salame has recently been appointed Executive Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)’s regional office in Southeast Asia. J-PAL, affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a global network of researchers who use randomized evaluations to answer critical policy questions in the fight against poverty. During his Luce year, Héctor was placed with Solo Kota Kita, an organization that supports participatory planning and policy making in Indonesia. He joined J-PAL SEA in August 2012 at the end of his Luce year. As Executive Director, he is developing the regional office’s portfolio of projects and growing its institutional presence in Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region.

  • 2010-2011 Luce Scholar Ted Alcorn produced a set of 34 video statements by people who have lost loved ones to gun violence as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control campaign in the wake of the Newtown, CT school shooting this December. The videos, which Ted and his team created for, are a call for U.S. policymakers to take immediate action on gun control, intended to be sent to all members of the incoming 113th Congress. Ted spent his Luce year in Beijing and has reported extensively from Asia as a photo- and print journalist. He is now a Senior Policy Analyst for the Office of the Mayor of New York.

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