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Grant Archives - Theology | 2010

Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Centre, MA—To expand the interreligious leadership training program with Hebrew College. A two-year grant of $285,000.

Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, Pittsburgh, PA—For the continuation of the Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology Program. A one-year grant of $615,000.

Auburn Theological Seminary, New York, NY—For renewed support of the Center for Multifaith Education. A three-year grant of $360,000.

Columbia University, New York, NY — To preserve, catalogue and make accessible the collections of the Mission Research Library and the William Adams Brown Ecumenical Archive at the Burke Library. A three-year grant of $295,000.

Connecticut Public Broadcasting Inc., Hartford, CT— To support the study guides and other educational materials for the documentary film, The Asian and Abrahamic Religions: A Divine Encounter, written and filmed by Auteur Productions. A one-time grant of $20,000.

Dominican University, River Forest, IL— To support the Caritas et Veritas Symposium and resulting publication on the Dominican tradition within the context of pluralism. A one-time grant of $15,000.

Drew University Theological School, Madison, NJ—To enhance the Center for Christianities in Global Contexts. A three-year grant of $215,000.

Emory University, Candler School of Theology, Atlanta, GA—To develop an international program of targeted exchanges with seminaries in Africa, Asia and South America. A four-year grant of $325,500.

Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA—To support publication of the journal, Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue. A one-time grant of $21,500.

The Fund for Theological Education, Inc., Atlanta, GA—To recruit highly qualified young candidates for the Christian ministry. A one-year grant of $300,000.

Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA—To develop a Master of Arts degree program in Islamic studies. A three-year grant of $300,000.

Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT—To support a professorship in contemporary Islam. A four-year grant of $232,500.

Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, PA—To support a collaborative program on religious pluralism with the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace of Payap University. A three-year grant of $350,000.

Partners for Sacred Places, Philadelphia, PA—To support a program to help seminaries sustain their campus buildings and increase their economic self-sufficiency. A one-time grant of $ $35,000.

Public Religion Research Institute, Washington, DC—To support the pilot phase of a survey on the impact of religious pluralism in the United States on congregations, clergy, and religious leaders in formation. A one-time grant of $30,000.

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, PA—Renewed support for a program to train rabbis for service in a multifaith world. A three-year grant of $300,000.

Religious Formation Conference, Silver Spring, MD—For a series of regional workshops titled "Engaging a Challenging Future: The Call to Transformation of Religious Life in the U.S.” A one-time grant of $ $36,000.

St. Mary’s Seminary and University, Baltimore, MD—To support a survey of recent graduates of the Master of Arts in Church Ministries program of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary and University. A one-time grant of $8,500.

St. Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, KS—To support a faculty position in Native American Studies in Church and Society at the Oklahoma City University campus. A three-year grant of $240,000.

Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, Evanston, IL— To support the development of a strategic alliance with Bexley Hall Seminary. A one-time grant of $40,000.

Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY—To support a Professor of Islamic Studies. A three-year grant of $422,000.

Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University, Washington, DC — To support the Women and Theology program. A one-time grant of $15,000.

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