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Grant Archives - Theology | 2007

American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), American Sufi Muslim Association, New York, NY—To support the development of a global Muslim women's Shura Council. A one-time grant of $10,000.

Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY—To support research on religious revival movements. A four-year grant of $300,000.

The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, Pittsburgh, PA—For the renewal of the Henry Luce III Fellows in Theology Program. A one-year grant of $465,000, with renewal anticipated for two subsequent years.

Auburn Theological Seminary, New York, NY—Renewed support for the Center for Multifaith Education. A three-year grant of $438,000.

Aurora University, Aurora, IL—For A Dictionary of Christian-Muslim Relations. A one-time grant of $30,000.

Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA—Renewed support for a lay religious leadership program in the Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry. A three-year grant of $275,000 .

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks , Freeport, ME—Support to revise and upgrade the organization's website. A one-time grant of $15,000.

The Elijah Interfaith Institute, Flushing, NY—To develop an educational program on Jewish relations with other world religions at Yeshiva Chovevei Torah. A one-time grant of $28,000.

Faith and the City, Atlanta, GA —To support a civic engagement program for religious leaders. A one-time grant of $100,000.

Fuller Theological Seminary , Pasadena, CA—For a program on worship and art in a global and multi-religious context. A three-year grant of $400,000.

The Fund for Theological Education, Atlanta, GA—Renewed support to recruit highly qualified candidates for Christian ministry. A one-year grant of $250,000.

Hartley Film Foundation , Westport, CT—For the documentary film Schism, being produced by Calvin Skaggs, on controversies within the Episcopal church about sexuality. A one-time grant of $25,000.

The HealthCare Chaplaincy, New York, NY—To support the development of a clinical pastoral education program for chaplain supervisors. A three-year grant of $360,000.

In Trust Inc., Wilmington, DE—Support to recruit and train new writers for In Trust magazine. A four-year grant of $300,000.

Interfaith Youth Core, Chicago, IL—To support a seminary initiative on interfaith action in the world. A two-year grant of $120,000.

Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA—To support the third international conference on theological aesthetics. A one-time grant of $30,000.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Research Foundation of the City of NY, New York, NY—To assist with the study Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: Understanding the Causes and Contexts of the Problem. A one-time grant of $25,000.

Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY—To support the Training Center for Public Ministry. A one-time grant of $25,000.

Museum of Biblical Art , New York, NY—For a symposium and publication on how art shapes liturgical and devotional practices. A one-time grant of $85,000.

Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven, CT—To support the artists in residence program. A one-time grant of $27,750.

Payap University , Chiang Mai, Thailand—To support faculty development at the McGilvary College of Divinity. A three-year grant of $330,000.

Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX—To support the Center for the Study of Latino/a Christianity and Religions. A three-year grant of $315,000.

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, PA—To train rabbis for a multifaith world. A three–year grant of $300,000.

Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding , New York, NY—To support follow-up activities to the 2007 conference in Bosnia of religiously-motivated peacemakers. A one-time grant of $10,000.

Vanderbilt University Divinity School, Nashville, TN—To develop a program on religion and the arts in contemporary culture. A five-year grant of $340,000.

Wesley Theological Seminary , Washington, DC—To develop missional theology programs for a multi-religious world. A three-year grant of $375,000.

Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER), Silver Spring, MD—For a summer seminar for theological faculty and seminary students on feminist studies in religion. A one-time grant of $25,000.

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