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Grant Archives - Asia | 2013

American Folklore Society, Columbus, OH—For ongoing activities of the China-U.S. Forum on Intangible Cultural Heritage. A three-year grant of $350,000.

ASIANetwork, Bloomington, IL—For continuation of a post-doctoral teaching fellowship program. A three-year grant of $450,000.

Association for Asian Studies, Ann Arbor, MI—For a special program of events, highlighting archaeology in Asia, to take place at the Association’s annual meeting in Philadelphia in March 2014. A one-time grant of $18,000.

Association for Asian Studies, Ann Arbor, MI—To support a meeting on future directions for Southeast Asian studies, to be held in conjunction with the AAS 2013 annual conference. A one-time grant of $15,500.

Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC—For a policy dialogue on Sino-Japanese territorial dispute and conflict prevention. A one-year grant of $150,000.

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH—For the publication Chinese Paintings: Masterworks from the Cleveland Museum of Art. A one-year grant of $100,000.

Columbia University, New York, NY—For a Tibetan studies librarian position at the C.V. Starr East Asian Library. A three-year grant of $300,000.

Filmmakers Collaborative Inc., Waltham, MA—For a documentary film project on the environmental impact of the electronics industry in China and the United States. A one-time grant of $40,000.

The F.Y. Chang Foundation, U.S.-China Education Trust, Washington, DC—To support an international conference marking the 10th anniversary of the American Studies Network. A one-time grant of $25,000.

Hispanic Society of America, New York, NY— To create a web-based “Sino-Philippine Digital Archive” of manuscripts and rare books dating from the 16th through 19th centuries. A one-time grant of $40,000.

Hmong Cultural Center Inc., Saint Paul, MN —For initiatives of the Hmong Resource Center Library. A three-year grant of $75,000.

Hong Kong-America Center, Hong Kong, China—For a series of books on American society and culture published in collaboration with the Peking University Press. A one-time grant of $15,000.

Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN—For a research initiative on philanthropy in China. A three-year grant of $300,000.

Institute of International Education, New York, NY—For a pilot training program of the Myanmar International Relations in Higher Education Initiative. A one-time grant of $40,000.

Inter-American Dialogue, Washington, DC—For the China-Latin America Program. A two-year grant of $150,000.

KCET Community Television of Southern California, Burbank, CA—Continued support for LinkAsia’s news, cultural and current affairs programming on East and Southeast Asia. A three-year grant of $450,000.

Lontar Nusantara Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia — For publication of anthologies of Indonesian poetry and short stories. A two-year grant of $180,000.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA — To support the exhibition Chinese Paintings from Japanese Collections to be on view from May to July 2014. A one-time grant of $40,000.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY—For the exhibition and catalogue Lost Kingdoms of Early Southeast Asia: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture, 5th to 9th Century. A one-year grant of $250,000.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN—To support research, publication and exhibition of the museum’s collection of ancient Chinese bronzes. A one-time grant of $40,000.

National Bureau of Asian Research, Seattle, WA—For a research project on the reemergence of Myanmar/Burma. A two-year grant of $200,000.

National Committee on American Foreign Policy, New York, NY—For ongoing policy dialogues of the Forum on Asia-Pacific Security. A three-year grant of $375,000.

National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, NC—For a residential fellowship program for Chinese scholars. A four-year grant of $615,000.

Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at The Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC—To support Myanmar: The Dynamics of Positive Change, an international conference and manuscript project organized by Dr. David I. Steinberg. A one-time grant of $30,000.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA—For the exhibition and catalogue The Last Dynasty: Arts and Culture of Joseon Korea, 1392-1910. A one-year grant of $150,000.

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ—For the Dunhuang Art and Manuscripts project. A four-year grant of $250,000.

Purdue University, Purdue, IN—For expansion of a digital project on the study of religion and society in China. A three-year grant of $400,000.

Social Science Research Council, Brooklyn, NY—For a research network on China-Africa relations. A two-year grant of $276,000.

Social Science Research Council, Brooklyn, NY, and Association for Asian Studies, Ann Arbor, MI—To support a set of dissertation workshops at the 2014 annual AAS conference in Philadelphia. A one-time grant of $40,000.

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA—For program activities of the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture, and Society. A three-year grant of $300,000.

The Unicode Consortium, Mountain View, CA—To support a meeting on incorporation of the Tangut script into international character encoding standards. A one-time grant of $6,500.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada—To support an international conference in Pyongyang on knowledge sharing for the development of special economic zones in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, convened by the Canada-DPRK Knowledge Partnership Program. A one-time grant of $35,000.

University of Hawai’i Foundation, Honolulu, HI—For research on endangered languages in China and mainland Southeast Asia for the Catalogue of Endangered Languages. A three-year grant of $160,000.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA— For the Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts project. A three-year grant of $410,000.

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA— For the Summer Kambun Workshop, an intensive reading, language training and translation program on Sino-Japanese texts. A one-time grant of $37,000.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI—To support the Fourth International Lao Studies Conference. A one-time grant of $30,000.

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