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Grant Archives - Asia | 2009

Responsive Grants - 2009

American Council of Learned Societies, New York, NY—For renewal of an individual fellowship program through the Luce Initiative on East and Southeast Asian Archeology and Early History. A one-year grant of $1,000,000.

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA—For the exhibition and catalogue Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance. A one-year grant of $130,000.

ASIANetwork, Bloomington, IL—For a post-doctoral teaching fellowship program. A three-year grant of $450,000.

Cambodian Association of Illinois, Chicago, IL—For an exhibition on the Cambodian genocide at the Cambodian American Heritage Museum and Killing Fields Memorial. A one-year grant of $75,000.

East-West Center, Honolulu, HI—For the project Asia Matters for America. A three-year grant of $250,000.

Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA—For two Asian exhibitions and accompanying catalogues. A two-year grant of $100,000.

Lawrence University, Appleton, WI—Support for a project, involving the university’s Environmental Studies and East Asian Studies programs, on water resource management in Wisconsin and China. A one-time grant of $30,000.

Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA—For Bridging Disciplines and Cultures: The Chinese Bridge Project. A two-year grant of $300,000.

The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC—To support the participation of scholars from abroad in a workshop and conference Myanmar/Burma: Outside Interests, Inside Challenges organized by the Southeast Asia Studies program. A one-time grant of $18,000.

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY—For a visit by a delegation from North Korea’s Kim Chaek University of Technology. A one-time grant of $20,000.

Trinity University, San Antonio, TX—For the Trinity University Press publication Chinese Writers on Writing. A one-time grant of $15,000.

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA—Renewed support for the Journal of Vietnamese Studies. A three-year grant of $115,000.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI—For a web-based resource on United States-Philippines relations. A two-year grant of $200,000.

University of Wisconsin Foundation, Madison, WI—For a Hmong studies initiative in partnership with the University of Minnesota. A three-year grant of $500,000.

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC—To support the project “Southeast Asia & the Cold War: Exploring the Recent Past Through Regional Archives.” A one-time grant of $17,000.

World Monuments Fund, New York, NY—For a publication on Preah Khan temple at Angkor in Cambodia. A one-time grant of $15,000.

Luce Archaeology Initiative Grants - 2009

New Faculty Position and Related Programming

University of Illinois at Chicago and The Field Museum, Chicago, IL—Southeast Asian Archaeology: Academic Training and Collaborative Research Partnership. (A four-year grant of $440,000.)
University of Wisconsin Foundation, Madison, WI—Asian Archaeology and Early History Initiative: University of Wisconsin-Madison. (A four-year grant of $425,000.)

Post Doctoral Fellowships (North America)

Eyre, Chureekamol— University of Pennsylvania Museum and Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA
Prehistoric Local Systems in Central Thailand: Analysis of a Ceramic Subregion - Its Stylistic Patterns and Technology
Wang, Yudong— Union College (NY)
Buddhism and the Making of the Qoco Uighur Kingdom

Dissertation Fellowships (North America)

Calugay, Cyril— Anthropology, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Complexity in the Islandscape: Social Organization and Development during the Early Second Millenium AD in the Visayas, Philippines
Carter, Alison— Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Trade, Exchange, and Socio-Political Development in Early Historic Cambodia: An Examination of Stone and Glass Beads
Gallon, Matthew— Anthropology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Archaeological Investigation of the Socio-political Organization of a First Millennium Fortified Town, Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand
Jin, Jennie J.H. — Bioarchaeology; Zooarchaeology, Pennsylvania State University
Collaborative Archaeological Project on Taphonomic Analysis of the Early Holocene Faunal Materials from the Tangzigou site in Yunnan Province, China
Liu, Chin-hsin— Anthropology, University of Florida
Diet and Health Assessment of Metal Age Populations in Central Thailand: Evaluating Social Differentiation Using Paleopathology and Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis
Peterson, Emily Jean— Anthropology, University of Washington
The Origins and Development of Exchange Networks in Island Southeast Asia
Pettit, Jonathan Edwin— East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University
Excavating Salvation: The Archaeology of Medieval Daoist Communities
Tran, Jason Hoai— Asian Studies, Cornell University
Recluse of White Cloud Hermitage: Nguyen Binh Khiem (1491-1585) in Vietnamese Literature and Cultural Memory
Wu, Minna— East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University
On the Periphery of a Great "Empire": Secondary Formation of States and Their Material Basis in the Shandong Peninsula during the Late Bronze Age: ca.1045-500 B.C.E.
Xie, Liye— Anthropology, University of Arizona
A Comparative Study of the Emergence of Ground Stone Technology in North and South China

Study and Research Fellowships (East and Southeast Asia)

Barretto-Tesoro, Mary Grace Lualhati Dolatre— University of The Philippines
An Examination of the Ceramics in the Guthe Collection and Its Contribution to Philippine History and Culture
Guan, Ying— Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP)
The Residue Analysis to Shuidonggou Artifacts: A New Perspective of the Paleoenvironment and Human Behavior
Hu, Ya-Qin—Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Interactions between Early Farmers and Environment during the Middle Neolithic Period in Northern China
Hui, Xiping— Shandong University
Settlement Archaeology in the Southeastern Coast Area of Shandong, China Supported by GIS from Prehistoric Period to Han Dynasty
Li, Suting— Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology
Population Dynamics in the Zhengzhou Area during the Shang Period
Li, Yung-ti— Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
The Kingly Craft: Craft Production and Political Economy of the Shang Capital at Anyang
Neri, Leee Anthony M. — University of The Philippines
Learning New Technique in Geochemical Analysis on Obsidian Artifacts Found in Philippine Archaeological Sites
Pei, Shuwen— Chinese Academy of Sciences (IVPP)
The Origins of Modern Human Behavior in China: Archaeological Evidence from Shuidonggou Locality 7
Pham, Lee-moi— National Taiwan University
Towards a Methodology for the Study of Paleographic Texts: A Study of the Chinese Writing System as Seen in Excavated Texts of the Warring States (481 B.C. - 221 B.C.)
Phan, Tu Anh— Vietnam National University, University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Comparative Study of Champa and Southeast Asian Statues through the Hindu Sculptural Collection in Binh Dinh
Song, Jin— Seoul National University
Characteristics of Boundary and “Rites of Passage” in Ancient China: Based on Analysis of Western Zhou Bronze Inscriptions
Yue, Hongbin— Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Techniques, Style, and Function: an Integrated Perspective on the Social Understanding of Bronze Ritual Vessels of Late Shang Dynasty

Summer Field Scholarships (East and Southeast Asia)

Amphansri, Anusorn— Silpakorn University
An Animal Bone Analysis, Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan
Fernandez, Erwin S. — University of The Philippines
The Search for Ice-Age Americans, University of Illinois at Chicago

Translation Grants (East and Southeast Asia)

Li, Meitian— Beijing Normal University
Chinese Translation of Albert E. Dien’s “Six Dynasties Civilization”

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