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Grant Archives - Asia | 2008

Responsive Grants - 2008

American Center for Mongolian Studies, Bellingham, WA—For a fellowship program in Mongolia. A three-year grant of $333,000.

American Council of Learned Societies, New York, NY—For renewal of an individual fellowship program through the Luce Initiative on East and Southeast Asian Archeology and Early History. A one-year grant of $1,000,000.

American Council of Learned Societies, New York, NY—For a publication on Asian studies in liberal education in the 21st century. A one-year grant of $55,000.

The Asia Foundation, San Francisco, CA—For an education and exchange program on U.S.-China relations. A three-year grant of $500,000.

Asia Society, New York, NY—Additional support for the exhibition and catalogue Ancient Arts of Viet Nam. A one-year grant of $150,000.

Association for Asian Studies, Ann Arbor, MI—Support for two new initiatives to globalize and diversify the programs of the AAS annual meeting. A one-time grant of $18,000.

Center for Strategic and International Studies, Pacific Forum CSIS, Washington, DC and Honolulu, HI—Renewed support for the Young Leaders Program. A three-year grant of $280,000.

China Institute in America, New York, NY—For the exhibition and catalogue Royal Tombs at Mawangdui: Art and Life in the Changsha Kingdom, Third Century BC—First Century AD. A one-year grant of $150,000.

The Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture, Hanford, CA—For a curatorial internship program. A three-year grant of $140,000.

Council on Foreign Relations, New York, NY—To support a Southeast Asian Studies Fellow. A two-year grant of $450,000.

F.Y. Chang Foundation, Washington, DC—For an American studies initiative in China through the US-China Education Trust program. A two-year grant of $270,000.

East-West Center, Honolulu, HI—Renewed support for a South Korea-United States journalist exchange program. A three-year grant of $275,000.

Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia—For an exchange program in religious studies for American and Indonesian graduate students. A three-year grant of $375,000.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA—For the Visualizing Cultures project. A two-year grant of $250,000.

Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media, Saint Paul, MN—For coverage of China and East Asia on Marketplace. A three-year grant of $420,000.

National Bureau of Asian Research, Seattle, WA—Renewed support for a policy research fellowship program on Northeast and Southeast Asia. A three-year grant of $375,000.

The National Bureau of Asian Research, Seattle, WA—To support a seminar for university leaders on Asia policy issues, organized in collaboration with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. A one-time grant of $20,000.

National Committee on United States-China Relations, New York, NY—Renewed support for the Public Intellectuals Program. A three-year grant of $165,000.

The Quiet in the Land, New York, NY—To assist with production and publication of The Quiet in the Land: Art, Spirituality, and Everyday Life, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR (2004-2008) . A one-time grant of $30,000.

Tides Center, San Francisco, CA—Support for a Beijing, China project of the Center for Digital TV and the World. A one-time grant of $25,000.

Tides Center, San Francisco, CA—For the U.S.-based activities of chinadialogue, a forum for information exchange with China on climate change and environmental issues. A three-year grant of $150,000.

United States-Indonesia Society, Washington, DC—To support a survey of Indonesian studies in the United States. A one-time grant of $17,000.

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA—For a research project on learning Chinese as a second language. A three-year grant of $230,000.

University of Maine, Orono, ME—To support a Vietnam oral history project. A one-time grant of $30,000.

University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA—For a research, exchange and publication project on the history of Christianity in China. A three-year grant of $300,000.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA—To support the Summer Institute for Chinese Studies Librarianship in the Electronic Environment. A one-time grant of $25,000.

West Virginia University Foundation, Morgantown, WV—For an exchange program with the Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute in China. A three-year grant of $350,000.

Luce Archaeology Initiative Grants - 2008

Collaborative Research

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, PA— Strengthening the Future of Southeast Asian Archaeology: Investigating the Prehistoric Settlement of the Mekong Middle Basin. (A four-year grant of $300,000.)
Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO— Ancient Landscape, Settlements, and Emerging Complexity in the Chengdu Plain, Sichuan, China. (A three-year grant of $300,000.)

New Faculty Position and Related Programming

Boston University, Boston, MA— A New East Asian Archaeology Curriculum for Boston University. (A four-year grant of $450,000.)
McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada— A New Historical Archaeology: Pre-Imperial and Imperial China. (A three-year grant of $430,000.)

Postdoctoral Fellowships (North America)

Campbell, Roderick— Visiting Research Associate, Archaeology and History, New York University
Consumption and Production: A Preliminary Zooarchaeological Analysis of the Late Shang (ca. 1250-1050 BC) Tiesanlu Bone Workshop at Anyang
Yao, Alice— Postdoctoral Fellow, Archaeology, Brown University
Genesis of Bronze Polities in the Lake Dian Basin: An Archaeological Survey of PreHistoric Landscapes and Settlements in the Lake Dian Basin

Dissertation Fellowships (North America)

Chiang, Chihhua— Doctoral Candidate, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley
The Social Organization of the Wan-san Site
Ho, Han-Peng— Doctoral Candidate, History (East Asia), Columbia University
All the King's Land? The Conceptualization of Land & it's Social, Economic & Administrative Significance in Western Zhou China, 1045-771 BCE
Houle, Jean-Luc— Doctoral Candidate, Archaeology, University of Pittsburgh
Emergent Complexity on the Mongolian Steppe: Mobility, Territoriality, and the Development of Early Nomadic Polities
Hsieh, Meiyu— Doctoral Candidate, History, Stanford University
Viewing the Han Empire from the Edge, 2nd Century BCE - 2nd Century CE
Hung, Ling-yu— Doctoral Candidate, Archaeology, Washington University in St. Louis
Ceramic Craft Specialization and the Development of Social Hierarchy in Late Neolithic Northwestern China (ca. 5300-4050 BP)
Zhang, Fan— Doctoral Candidate, Chinese Art and Archaeology, Brown University
Reading Theatrical Representations in Pingyang: Art, Ritual, and Popular Culture in Jin (1115-1234 CE) and Yuan (1271-1368 CE) China
Zhang, Hua— Doctoral Candidate, Bioarchaeology, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Bioarchaeological Study of Ancient Human Remains in China

Study and Research Fellowships (East and Southeast Asia)

Dai, Xiangming— Head of Prehistoric Research Program, Archaeology, National Museum of China
Settlement of Patterns, Craft Production and Development of Social Complexity in the Yuncheng Basin, Central China
Gao, Jixi— Curator, Archaeology, Archaeology Institute of Jinan City, China
Damage and Repair on Buddhist Sculpture from Archaeological Deposit in China
Li, Zhipeng— Assistant Professor, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
The Animal Economy and its Relationship to the Devlopment of Social Complexity from the Late Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age in China
Pham, Ninh Thi— Researcher, Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology under Vietnamese Academy for Social Sciences, Vietnam
Comparative studies on jar burials of the Sa Huynh Culture, dating from the early Iron Age of Central Vietnam and the jar burial tradition of Southeast Asia
Sun, Zhouyong— Research Staff, Archaeology, Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, China
Investigation of the Pottery Production in the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 BC) China
Win, Htwe Htwe— Tutor, University of Yangon, Myanmar
Analysis of votive tablets of Bagan with special emphasis on the relation between Andagu & life of the Buddha
Yan, Zhibin— Assistant Research Fellow, Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Reflections on the social dynamics of the Shang Dynasty: A Holistic Perspective on the Clan Emblems of Shang Bronzes
Yue, Zhanwei— Assistant Research Scholar, Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
Bronze Casting and Craft Organization of the Shang Dynasty- a multiple craft perspective
Zhang, Xuelian— Professor, Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China
A Study on People's Diet of Daxinzhuang Site of the Shang Dynasty by Isotopic Analysis of 13N and 15N

Summer Field School Scholarships (East and Southeast Asia)

Chuenwattana, Nattha— Research Assistant, Exploration and Sustainable Heritage Management Project, Sirindhorn Anthropological Center, Thailand
Paleoethnobotanical Training at the Berry Site Field School, Morganton, NC with Professor Gayle J. Fritz from Washington University in St. Louis
Hoontrakul, Udomluck— Researcher, Ethnoarchaeological Study Project in Pang Mapha District, Sirindhorn Anthropological Center, Thailand
SMU Archaeological Field School, Summer 2008 (Southern Methodist University)
Leng, Rattanak— Staff, Archaeology/Prehistory, Ministry of Culture, Cambodia
SMU Archaeological Field School, Summer 2008 (Southern Methodist University)

Translation Grants (North America)

Kelley, Liam C.— Associate Professor, Southeast Asian History, University of Hawai’I, Manoa
Vietnam's Early History: A Translation of the "Outer Annals" of Two Vietnamese Chronicles

Translation Grants (East and Southeast Asia)

Chen, Hong— Doctoral Candidate, Archaeology, Fudan University, China
Translation of Lithic Analysis by George H. Odell, 2004 (from English into Chinese)
Thosarat, Rachanie— Adjunct Lecturer and Research Associate, Archaeology, University of Otago, New Zealand
To translate into Thai the following volume: The Origins of the Civilization of Angkor Volume Two. The Excavation of Noen U-Luke nd Non Muang Kao

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