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Dissertation Fellowships

The Luce Foundation awards fellowships to doctoral candidates working on dissertations in American art. Currently, ten fellowships of $27,000 each are made through an annual, national competition. This program is administered by the American Council of Learned Societies on behalf of the Luce Foundation.


Marissa Howard Baker, University of Illinois, Chicago
Kim Bobier, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Rachel Hooper, Rice University
Joss Kiely, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ashley Lazevnick, Ellen Holtzman Fellow, Princeton University
Ellen Macfarlane, Princeton University
Kimberly Minor, University of Oklahoma
Emma Rose Silverman, University of California, Berkeley
Sydney Skelton Simon, Stanford University
Juliet S. Sperling, University of Pennsylvania
Gillian Turner Young, Columbia University


Lauren Applebaum, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Nicole Bass, Yale University
Niki D. Conley, University of Missouri, Columbia
Randall Edwards, City University of New York, Graduate Center
Christopher Ketcham, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nico Machida, University of California, Los Angeles
Solveig Nelson, University of Chicago
Kristine K. Ronan, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Laura Lake Smith, University of Georgia
Emily S. Warner, University of Pennsylvania


Elizabeth Athens, Yale University
Elizabeth Bacon Eager, Harvard University
Grant Wesley Hamming, Stanford University
Emily H. Handlin, Brown University
Shana Klein, University of New Mexico
Marci Kwon, New York University
John P. Murphy, Northwestern University
Andrea M. Truitt, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
John A. Tyson, Emory University
Shannon Vittoria, City University of New York, Graduate Center


Clara Elizabeth Barnhart, Washington University in St. Louis
Sarah D. Beetham, University of Delaware
Jill E. Bugajski, Northwestern University
Emily Ruth Capper, University of Chicago
Katelyn D. Crawford, University of Virginia
Klint Ericson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Faye R. Gleisser, Northwestern University
Laura Turner Igoe, Temple University
Erin K. Pauwels, Indiana University, Bloomington
D. Jacob Rabinowitz, New York University


Lacey Baradel, University of Pennsylvania
Jill Patricia Baskin, University of Virginia
Alison Boyd, Northwestern University
Miriam Kienle, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Matthew Levy, New York University
Emily K. Liebert, Columbia University
Joseph Madura, Emory University
Christopher C. Oliver, University of Virginia
Austin Porter, Boston University
Zachary J. Violette, Boston University


Anastasia Renee Aukeman, City University of New York, Graduate Center
Alexandra Davis, University of Pennsylvania
Matthew H. Fisk, University of California, Santa Barbara
Bridget Gilman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Claire R. Grace, Harvard University
Tara Cooke McDowell, University of California, Berkeley
Emily L. Moore, University of California, Berkeley
Claire de Dobay Rifelj, New York University
Catherine H. Walsh, University of Delaware
Cassie Wu, University of California, Los Angeles


Matthew K. Bailey, Washington University
Amanda Douberley, University of Texas, Austin
Lauren Jacks Gamble, Yale University
Jason Goldman, University of Southern California
Edwin Rein Harvey, University of California, Berkeley
Catherine Reed Holochwost, University of Delaware
Anna C. Katz, Princeton University
Rebecca E. Keegan, Duke University
Edward M. Puchner, Indiana University, Bloomington
Katherine Elizabeth Roeder, University of Delaware


Lydia Brandt, University of Virginia
Katherine Carroll, Boston University
Elizabeth Ferrell, University of California, Berkeley
Angela George, University of Maryland, College Park
Adam Greenhalgh, University of Maryland, College Park
Karin Higa, University of Southern California
Annelise Madsen, Stanford University
Sara Mandel, Indiana University, Bloomington
Rachel Middleman, University of Southern California
Tanya Pohrt, University of Delaware


Mary Campbell, Stanford University
Eileen Costello, University of Texas, Austin
Melody Deusner, University of Delaware
Sarah Eckhardt, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Jason Hill, University of Southern California
Dalia Linssen, Boston University
Emily Scott, University of California, Los Angeles
Dalila Scruggs, Harvard University
Jennifer Sorkin, Yale University
Jennifer Van Horn, University of Virginia


Heidi Applegate, Columbia University
Robin Cowie, Yale University
Elizabeth Gand, University of California, Berkeley
Jason LaFountain, Harvard University
Jessica Lanier, Bard College
Anna Marley, University of Delaware
Sascha Scott, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Julia Sienkewicz, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Malka Simon, New York University
Laura Smith, Indiana University, Bloomington


Zara Bernhardt, University of Delaware
Benjamin Cawthra, Washington University
Kimberly Curtiss, Rutgers University
Jennifer Greenhill, Yale University
Kevin Hatch, Princeton University
Wendy Ikemoto, Harvard University
Lauren Kroiz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Miller, University of Chicago
Dorothy Moss, University of Delaware
Patricia Scanlan, Indiana University, Bloomington
Robert Slifkin, Yale University
Adrian Kohn, University of Texas, Austin

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